The Beaver Falls Community Development Corporation will be working with a variety of different projects in town toward the goal of furthering our mission statement. Below, we have listed the projects we are currently working on and supporting. If you have ideas for future projects or want to help with one of our current projects, feel free to contact us, we would love to hear your ideas and connect you with the project that best suits your talents!

News Tribune Building Renovation 

News Tribune 1

The BFCDC is thrilled to have acquired the News Tribune Building, an iconic and centrally located building in downtown Beaver Falls containing decades of memories. While desperate for repair, the CDC has recognized the importance of preserving this building in an effort toward community revitalization and a new chapter in our city’s history book. The BFCDC hopes to complete a full LEED-certified renovation in order to provide space for a restaurant, office space and event space which will include a usable roof-top patio.  This vision will be brought to life one step at a time, the first of which is to replace the roof, followed by a complete overhaul of the building’s interior.  The hope is that this project can generate even greater momentum and further revitalization for Beaver Falls in years ahead.

See our architects’ presentation here.

Spaces in-Between
One of Winston Churchill’s famous quotes is “We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Knowing that identity, satisfaction, behavior, and sense of dignity are each connected to our surroundings, it is imperative that dilapidated or vacant spaces become a primary focus of those concerned for the well being of our city. “Spaces in-Between” is an effort to address nine particular spaces that lie within the core business district on 7th Avenue in Beaver Falls. The BFCDC’s hope is not only to contribute to a deeper satisfaction among residents but also to attract and maintain vibrant economic activity, another very important and necessary task for the health of our community by partnering with groups from the community that will design, fundraise, and implement an urban parklet, which can be used as common spaces for such purposes as gathering with friends, displaying art, or performing music.

An example of what an urban parklet could look like

An example of what an urban parklet could look like

Neighborhoods of Hope
In order to encourage revitalization and restore hope, the Beaver Falls City Council has adopted the Neighborhoods of Hope Initiative. The initiative aims to give residents the opportunity to request help from the City in demolition, code enforcement, identifying and rectifying safety issues, and new development and beautification. The process will entail residents self-defining their own neighborhood, developing a plan for revitalization, and turning this plan over to the City Council to be considered for approval. The BFCDC is available to help neighborhoods draft their proposals before turning them over to the City Council.

Beaver Falls Arts Council
Functioning as a subsidiary of the CDC, the arts council plans to convert a historic church building into a multicultural arts facility and share the arts with the local community. Additionally, the arts council will serve as a voice for local artists and offer relevant, quality and affordable programming. As a new project of the CDC, the arts council is still being formed.  Stay tuned for more information.

The dWELLings Initiative works to be a part of the revitalization of our city by coming alongside Beaver Falls homeowners in addressing home repair and city code-related concerns. The BFCDC will be involved in gathering the moneys donated by various churches, organizations, and individuals and will refer persons seeking assistance or looking to volunteer to the appropriate member of the dWELLings Action Team.

Neighborhood Block Parties
In recognition of “National Night Out” each August, the CDC hosts five block parties in various Beaver Falls neighborhoods.  National Night Out is a nation-wide effort to promote positive relationships between the police and community and to build stronger neighborhoods.  The CDC supports this effort by hosting block parties which have been well attended and a very successful opportunity to share information and build a greater sense of community in Beaver Falls.