The Beaver Falls CDC relies on members and volunteers in our attempt to revitalize the community. Please consider volunteering in the following ways:

  1. Spaces in-Between: Various community groups are fundraising, planning and developing vacant lots in the core business district of 7th Ave.  Individuals could volunteer on various workdays or we could identify a new site for your group!
  2. Community Block Parties: In August, to acknowledge “National Night Out,” the CDC will host five block parties in various Beaver Falls’ neighborhoods. We will need many volunteers to make this event a success!
  3. Membership Committee: We need help recruiting new members, renewing memberships and promoting meetings & events.
  4. Fundraising Committee & Grant-writing: We need ideas, suggestions, help with researching grant opportunities, and anyone with experience in grant-writing.
  5. Fundraising Banquet: We will need several volunteers to coordinate our annual fundraising banquet in September. This may include working out the menu, décor, invitations, and various other activities.
  6. Public Art Review Board:  As we receive mural ideas and suggestions, this committee approves or disapproves what can be displayed as public art.
  7. Beaver Falls Lecture Series: Volunteers are needed to coordinate this annual event which includes creating a theme, identifying speakers and set-up.
  8. Technology: This would involve updating our website, creating a system for online donations and a GoFUNDMe account.
  9. Graphic Design: We could use help designing promotional materials, newsletters and web design.
  10. Other opportunities: We could always use volunteers to distribute newsletters, maintain our website and recruit members.

To volunteer for any of the opportunities listed above, contact Wendy Whelpley
or, 724-630-0520