Beaver Falls Lecture Series

Far too often, our city has been defined by its challenges. After the collapse of the steel economy in Beaver Falls, we saw the exodus of nearly half our population which, of course, represents half of our tax base. For three decades, the community has worked to regain its footing and redefine our future. Unfortunately, this struggle has been marked by empty storefronts, vacant houses, dilapidated structures, a higher-than-average poverty rate, along with the social challenges that typically follow including drugs and crime. 

The CDC, however, refuses to allow Beaver Falls to be defined by these challenges. Though we face difficulties, the city is full of gifted and committed people, incredible assets, resources, ideas, and beauty. Unless we tell this alternative narrative or description, our fear is that we will get stuck in a narrative of defeat rather than believing in our amazing potential. The Annual Lecture Series is an opportunity to be reminded of our rich history, the stories that make this city unique, and the projects and initiatives that point to our bright future. In essence, it's an attempt to remember who we are.

For four years, we've invited a series of keynote speakers or panel members to present a theme. These have included topics such as the history of Beaver Falls, future possibilities in the city, why folks have decided to relocate here and stay, why business owners have chosen to invest here, what makes a good city, and race relations in the city. The lectures in March and April of each year, are held at the Carnegie Free Library of Beaver Falls, and are sponsored by the City House.



Visit our media page to see the video recordings of the lecture series